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Mondeo Srl (corporate website: www.mondeovalves.com) was founded in 1986 by the current president of the company, Giancarlo Ghiotto, with the aim to produce and sell hydraulic accessories in soldered and pressed stainless steel.

In particular a new series of check valves in pressed stainless steel (the CROMAX series) was bravely launched into the market. The strong point of which was the production technique which enabled the company to control costs whilst remaining in the field of creating a noble material such as stainless steel.
From the very beginning the originality of the product and of the production technique created a great interest both on a national and international scale, thereby gradually leading the company to earn a position in the market and allowing them to delve into the necessary resources for improving the products and widening the production range.

Some years later the company decided to complete the deal with the commercialization  of some of it's hydraulic accessories such as tanks and fittings remaining however in the stainless steel business.

In 1995 a new series 'Idrja', which is still in production today, was created as a result of the improvement of the historic Cromax series of check valves.
In the same year Mondeo Gmbh, the German branch of Mondeo Srl, was founded, with the purpose of entering the German market.

In 1996 Mondeo began producing manifolds in stainless steel which, over the course of the following years, thanks to their high esthetic and quality level began attracting interest from the most important pump manufacturers in Italy and abroad.

In 1998 Mondeo achieved it's goal of receiving certification for their company quality systems according to regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:1994.

During 2002 Mondeo became the Italian representative for an important American manufacturer of removal pumps, the Little Giant Pump Company, which is gradually, thanks to Mondeo, reaching an increasingly important position in the Italian market.

In 2003 Mondeo certify the quality system according to ISO 9001:2000.

In 2010 Mondeo gets the updated quality system certification according to ISO 9001:2008.

Mondeo has decided to move its production and administrative headquarters to a significantly larger site (with more than 2000sq.m. of space) due to it's increase in business.

In 2012, according to its tradition of innovative firm, Mondeo launches the Solar project, aimed to the development and selling of complete pumping systems exclusively powered by photovoltaic panels. The Solar project rests upon the will to develop a radical innovation in water pumping by the use of totally renewable energy sources with accessible costs, making it available for the widest range of users, following the logic of a sustainable development, able to reconcile the needs of a company with those of the end users.

The great experience developed in this sector, together with the high quality of the products, leads Mondeo to include among its clients some of the most important companies operating in the fluid transportation sector both in Italy (Calpeda, Lowara, Pentair etc.) and abroad (The Espa group, Salmson, KSB, Wilo, Atlas Copco etc.).