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Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies
Thanks to our expertise we can assists customers for plant optimization, sizing the system to gain the best cost reduction and power savings though meeting every operating requirements.


Custom Plants by Design
Whether the solutions in the catalog were not adequate to meet the needs of our customers, we can create various types of solar pumping plants according to client's needs, e.g. for aqueducts (water mains), intensive irrigation, energy saving, etc.


We can assist our customers in the installation of our solar pumping systems, providing a fast and effective set up of the whole plant, making the system operating in a short time.


Plant Testing
For all of the plants installed using our kit, we can offer a system performance test allowing to evaluate the efficiency and energy absorption while identifying potential adverse hydraulic phenomena and improving or preventing them.


Assistance & Repair
We offer assistance on our product if any problems will arise during the product usage: phone assistance, spare parts and repairing service.