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Research & Development

We believe that true innovation means providing quality products and continuously investing in research of advanced technological solutions in line with the changing needs of the industry. We manufacture long-lasting components that require very low maintenance costs. We promote the eco-friendly studying more effective technical and ecologically sustainable solutions, that improve the quality of our products and achieve substantial energy savings.


Attention to detail

Each Mondeo product is the result of careful analysis and study by a team of professionals dedicated to continuously improving our products and services. Shapes, finishes, and mechanical and hydraulic solutions are aimed at optimizing the performance and obtaining maximum efficiency of our products.


Water Island 2.0

Water Island 2.0 is a drive for synchronous motors able to run using directly the energy of photovoltaic panels. The HYBRID version is also equipped with a converter that adjusts the grid voltage to match the requirements of the drive, thus creating an electrical exchange between the grid converter and the photovoltaic panel. The rotational speed and the power supplied by the motor are directly proportional to solar irradiance. In order to maximize the amount of energy provided by the photovoltaic panels, the system tracks the point that provides maximum power, extracting energy from the power grid only when needed.